About Us

We are dedicated to reducing conflict from the ending of a relationship. It is increasingly common for couples separating, who are not entitled to legal aid, to face huge requests for monies on account from legal representatives or have to face the uncertainty of court on their own.

Our roots are in looking after childrens wishes and feelings and trying to reduce conflict between parents. It is essential to protect children and parents themselves, from the natural conflict, uncertainty and pain coming from the fact of separation.

It is clear that couples without children equally need to be able to have a clean break. They too need to move on without large debts or a reduced pot due to large legal bills.

We have a deep understanding of how mental health and trauma’s in life can affect relationships and particularly PTSD. We understand this may mean that mediation may be more difficult for some people and can arrange to go at a pace that is suitable to both parties but does not increase costs significantly for the other party.

We are dedicated and will travel anywhere in order to bring peace of mind to you at this difficult time. We understand the financial worries that accompany separation.

We have designed flexible packages to allow you to have a definite cost to the process. We want to help you “put what matters first” , your children, your homes , your life styles rather than funding never ending legal bills.

Ashley Brooks is a trained mediator is legally qualified having a Post Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice ( LPC) and Law Degree, LL.B(Hons). He has also spent 11 years in secondary school leadership being a Deputy headteacher for Behaviour & safety. He has worked with individuals and families for two decades and has a no nonsense, impartial and non judgemental approach having gone through the process himself.

What People Say

“Mediation works and we are committed to making sure that more people make use of it, rather than go through the confrontational and stressful experience of going to court.”

Simon Hughes, Former Justice Minister, The Guardian

“Mediation is flexible, massively successful and consistently surprises professionals and parties alike in its ability to achieve settlements where the parties appear implacably opposed.”

Civil Justice Council , ADR working Group Report Nov 2018

“One of the reasons why costs can spiral out of control lies in the emotional rawness of many of those going through divorce proceedings … It is common for [people] to rely heavily on the one individual who is both an expert in how to negotiate the process and who is seen to be on their side: their lawyer.

Adam Sampson, Former Chief Legal Ombudsman , ” The price of separation.”

Be Strong. Be Confident. Talk together

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