Childrens Matters

Conflict management and reduction

The impact of conflict before, during, and after divorce emerges as particularly important in the research focusing on the longer-term well-being of children. The extent to which parents are able, or are helped, to reduce their conflict and to keep it away from children is crucial for children’s coping and well-being.

Joseph Rowntree Foundation “Supporting Children through family Change”

The Children Act 1989

  • Welfare Principle and Welfare Checklist
  • Schedule 1 – In relation to the provision for children’s needs
  • Parental Responsibility Orders – Unmarried fathers, grandparents
  • Child Arrangements Order – “lives with” ( Residency) and “spends time with” ( Contact)
  • Specific Issue Orders – Overseas holidays / name changes/ relocation/ school

Common Key Issues we help to resolve

  • Who and where your child or children will live ( resident parent)
  • Who and for how long the your child or children will spend time with ( non resident parent)
  • Christmas Arrangements, School Holidays and Overseas Holiday Plans
  • Agreeing Parenting Plans & Communication Going Forward
  • Continuing relationship with extended family
  • Handover, Pick & Collection Locations
  • Schooling and medical decisions
  • Name changes and parental responsibility
  • Child Maintenance Agreements
  • Relocation

Let’s rebuild your life together.

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