Same Sex Couples

Separating can be very difficult and a lonely experience and the challenge to rebuild a future seem an impossibility. This is further complicated when entering the formal world of lawyers, litigators and the judicial system. Courts can be scary places for the best of us.

A lack of understanding but a willingness to secure the pink pound can drive litigation. This can destroy relationships further and drain what financial resources you have. The law is complicated if couples are not married and this can lead to high legal fees and a loss of control with judges making decisions on your past and future.

Mediation with rainbow mediation is completely non judgemental and we respect that love and loss comes in many different forms. We are sensitive yet firm in ensuring parties get to tell each other who they need to say but also listen to the other party. We will do our best to make this very difficult time a less stressful, judgemental and expensive time as possible.


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Let’s rebuild your life together.

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