Unmarried Couples

There are many myths around unmarried couples rights and responsibilities. While the impact of not formalising your relationship may have an impact on finances it does not have such an impact in relation to children.

It can be more expensive for unmarried couples to engage in litigation as financial issues are civil law actions rather than family law. Any dispute over property can lead to excessively high legal costs for both parties. Children’s matters can be complicated if the father has not been registered on the birth certificate.

One party may feel they are at a disadvantage particularly if any property is not held in both names. The other party however may have an unrealistic expectation they can keep all of the equity in a property. This is a recipe for an expensive legal battle leaving both parties with a much reduced amount of equity.

Mediation can help by providing the opportunity for both parties to say what they need to say, to listen to the other party and take time to consider how they want to move forward without expensive legal costs.

Childrens Matters

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Financial Matters

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