What is mediation?

“Mediation is the process of talking to two separate parties involved in a disagreement to try and help them find a solution”

Benefits of mediation

  • reduces legal costs and avoid court battles
  • reduces conflict and improves communication
  • creates better family relationships
  • creates self-decided practical solutions
  • recognises emotional needs and address losses, hopes, risks, needs and fears
  • redresses power imbalances between parties
  • allows legal formality to confirm agreements made.

Mediation works if

  • you can be heard and hear the other party  
  • actively engage by talking and listening
  • you want to keep control of your own decisions
  • you are genuine in wanting to avoid going to court.
  • you want to formalise any solutions you come to.

Ourkidfirst mediation is not suitable if you are determined you want to go to court or it is deemed unsuitable. Your mediator will tell you this as soon as it becomes apparent and signpost you to appropriate support.

Let’s rebuild your life together.

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